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  • Feedback from Others
    Find out how others view your EQ via closed- and open-ended questions.

  • Dynamic Online Report
    Your anonymous and constructive feedback is easy to understand and print.

  • Goal-Tracking System
    Share your profile and track your progress online.

  • Blockbuster Actors
    Watch clips of your favorite actors bring emotional intelligence to life!

Pret: 405.00 RON450.00 RON

You have complete control over the administration process. A simple web page lets you choose the raters and set the deadline; then the survey is administered automatically. Watch your responses flow in and get your report at the click of a button. Results are delivered in an easy-to-understand report that highlights strengths, areas for improvement, and gaps in views of your behavior on the job. Results bring EQ to life in an unlimited e-learning program featuring our proprietary Goal-Tracking System to support lasting change.

The test uses proprietary methods developed by experts in psychological assessments who conducted research on hundreds of thousands of responses to ensure the test is both quick and accurate. The result is a reliable and valid measure of emotional intelligence from the most credible source available—those who see you in action every day.